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Window Cleaning in winter

Cleaning your windows in the winter is not only essential to keep your home clean, but it wil also help you attain the most light through the windows. Furthermore, it can benefit your health to keep your windows clean throughout the colder months. 

Winter window cleaning can come with a whole host of implications due to slippery surfaces and freezing temperatures. Both of which, can take a huge toll on your body.

On that note, here is everything that you need to know about winter window cleaning, the safety tips, and the implications.

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The impact winter weather can have on window cleaning services

Winter weather can take a toll on cleaning companies during the winter as people assume they don’t need them cleaned. Or, they might feel that they are putting companies in danger to clean their windows throughout the wet and windy conditions. However, trained window cleaning professionals will be able to clean your windows and stay safe as they will know exactly how to keep safe when the weather changes. Likewise, they will have the right tools to keep your windows as clean as possible while keeping them safe.

Hiring a professional window cleaner, like Fife window cleaning services, will ensure that you can avoid cleaning the windows yourselves, which will keep you protected. Likewise, they will know the safety measures to stay as safe as possible in wet, windy, and slippery conditions. 

The safety hazards of cleaning windows in the winter

The safety hazards of cleaning windows throughout the winter are pretty obvious. When the weather is colder, surfaces can become more slippery. Likewise, the wet and windy conditions can result in ladders becoming unstable when high windows need to be cleaned. 

Nonetheless, there are also other safety hazards of winter window cleaning that you will want to know about:

Can hinder physical and mental health

The cold and wet conditions can cause a buildup of harmful and toxic bacteria on your windows, which can be detrimental to your health. Therefore, cleaning the windows regularly will free the windows of debris.

Likewise, clean windows will enhance the natural light that comes in, which can boost energy and your mood. The more natural light that enters a home or a workspace can have a significant impact on your mental and physical health. 

Furthemore, it is obvious that wintery conditions can be the most unsafe for cleaning windows from the outside. Climbing up a ladder when it’s wet comes with physical vulnerabilities, especially if the surface is unstable or slippery. 

Window longevity may be reduced

You will want your windows to last as long as possible to withstand heat and also make the most of your money. 

The less care you give to your windows, the shorter their lifespan will be. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining your windows throughout the winter (and every other month) will ensure that your windows will last as long as possible. 

Bacteria or damage to windows can cause a breeze to get through, which can impact your health and also hinder the efficiency of your heating.

How to tackle winter window cleaning implications

With the safety hazards in mind, it is important to know about them to tackle these winter window cleaning implications. Therefore, here is how to keep yourself, your cleaners, and your windows safe throughout the colder months. 

  1. Take good care of your equipment

Your equipment will be vulnerable to cracking if there is water inside and it freezes overnight or when you are outside in an attempt to clean the windows. Therefore, make sure to keep your equipment warm or always empty it after each use. This will ensure that your equipment can maintain its condition and not crack on you when you try to use it. 

Likewise, frozen windows can be vulnerable to cracking. Therefore, make sure to be slow and patient when running water over them. Avoid using hot water first as this could cause a reaction and cause the windowpane to break. 

Therefore, making sure to do plenty of preparation, taking things slow, and taking care of your equipment will ensure to keep you and your windows safe throughout the winter when they need a clean. 

  1. Dress appropriately 

Dressing for the weather will, of course, keep you warm and as cozy as possible when you clean the windows. 

Make sure to wear thermals, a hat, and thick gloves to prevent you from getting cold and being vulnerable to frostbite. 

  1. Use the heating

A cold home will cause the exterior of the home to get cold, which can make window cleaning much more hazardous. You could risk the water freezing while on the job. 

Therefore, make sure to use the heating to prevent the external walls and windows from being cold and making the windows dangerous to clean. 

  1. Use a hot water system

Whether or not the heating is on, it can help to use a hot water system when working. But remember, don’t add hot water to a frozen window. Gently warm up the ice by using cold water and increasing the temperature as the ice melts away. 

A hot water system will ensure that you can clean the windows efficiently and also keep your equipment running effectively without the pipes freezing up. 

  1. Avoid spilling water

Spilling water on the job can make it much more dangerous, especially if the temperatures are freezing. Water spills can turn slippery, which can make ladder placement and walk around with equipment risky. If you can, use a reach and wash system during the colder months to avoid using ladders.

Avoid spilling water by being patient and careful while on the job. Should you notice any spilled water, make sure to mop it up before continuing. 

  1. Be realistic

You need to be realistic when going about cleaning windows in the winter. There is no use going outside when there is a blizzard to clean the windows as you will be in danger, get ill, and the windows won’t stay clean. 

Therefore, always time to window cleaning according to the weather. It won’t matter too much if it’s freezing, as you will have the above safety measures and tips in place. Just ensure it is as dry as possible to avoid slipping.

Tuesday, 14 December 2021

The Best Window Cleaning tools

The Best Window Cleaning Equipment for Your Home or Business 

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Windows tend to get pretty dirty over time. Some windows are just too far out of reach, and so without a professional Window Cleaning service with the tools and expertise to keep them clean those hard-to-reach areas tend to get cleaned less. Of course, there are benefits to regular window cleaning. More natural light gets to come, the exterior of the home looks nicer, and the building for businesses looks more professional. But if you’ve ever cleaned windows, you know how troublesome it can get. The glass surface can leave streaks if you do it wrong, doubling the work, and having to get to those difficult areas isn’t a cakewalk either.

Fortunately, there are solutions to this window-washing situation. Technology has advanced and it’s led to both high-tech and low-tech options that are affordable, and no doubt get the job done. With this in mind, here are some of the best window cleaning equipment that you can buy for your home or business!

Why bother with the best window cleaning equipment when I can hire someone else to do the work for me?

Although you could technically hire a window cleaner Dunfermline service like Caledonia Window Cleaning to clean your windows, it can get expensive in the long run. Window cleaners are not people who work for hours on end cleaning one window after another. They are people who will come in and do a single job, which can range from wiping down the dust to doing a deep clean involving the use of an industrial pressure washer.

Window cleaners have a difficult job that is often overlooked. When going to a new customer, they need to understand what needs to be done and what the customer expects. They also need to do it quickly and with as little fuss as possible so that they can go on to the next job. Some areas are hard to reach or can be dangerous for someone who is untrained. In situations like this, it is best to hire some help, but if your watching the pennies coming up to Christmas there are tools available for you to use.

Tools needed for window cleaning

Window cleaning can be pretty tough, but there are tools for this job that make it much easier. Knowing the basics will help you find the right tools for window cleaning. The following are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing window cleaning tools:

  •  The quality of the material used in making the tools

  •  The weight and grip of each tool (important for optimum balance)

  • The pressure applied on windows while using these tools (it should be minimal)

  • The shape and size of each tool (some are specially designed to fit in corners)

These types of considerations are something you can expect to find from Fife window cleaning services.


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What are some of the more traditional cleaning equipment that’s used for windows?

There are various tools when it comes to window cleaning. It’s far more complex than just washing with a cloth and moving it aside with a squeegee. Some of the most basic and traditional cleaning equipment you’ll find for a successful window-cleaning session can include:

Washer, scrubber or applicator 

These come in a variety of styles available.  Some brands such as ettore make the "porcupine" sleeve which has shards of plastic throughout the sleeve to help scrub thick dirt on the glass without the risk of scratching. We use Moermans Fugu microfibre sleeve.


This may be the most obvious as buckets of water and traditional cleaning solution are needed for getting a spotless shine. There are a range of buckets on offer we use the ettore 10L bucket that is available with a lid. Always useful but essential in winter as it keeps the water warmer for longer.


Something that you’ll find at the local petrol station, and it’s also used by the professionals too. These will dry your windows, leaving them scratch-free.


Sometimes bird dropping or other unwanted residue gets stuck on the window. This scraper has a very sharp razor blade attached to it to remove gunk. This is better suited for professionals as there is the possibility of you damaging and scratching your windows.

Additional equipment 

Some other tools and equipment are available to make your life a little easier. As professional Window cleaners in Dunfermline and across Fife we use things like bronze wool pads to clean hard to move spots, sticky residue and other marks from glass. Although this isn't advisable unless competent in use because if used incorrectly it can risk scratching the glass.

Extendable poles are available to attach your traditional tools and enable you to work safely from the ground for those who aren't ladder confident. 

The pro's and cons of different squeegee channel designs and their applicators

It may come off as a surprise that there are a variety of different squeegees and brands. Squeegees are one of the most powerful tools for professional window cleaners, and it’s a tool that has to get everything just right or else risks doubling the work. Squeegees are essentials, one of the fundamentals for a clean window and it’s a tool where quality should not be compromised.

If you’ve ever purchased one from a pound shop, then you may understand that you get what you pay for. Several popular brands are the biggest on the market. They each have their own model which has pros and cons. This list will explain to the brand what makes their squeegee channel great and what needs improvement.



The Moerman tools are known to be one of the best on the market. This is our main tool of choice. They are far superior due to their exclusive design. The zero detailing capability of the channels once the technique has been developed saves time to maximise earning potential and reduce the risk of smears. The Excelerator 2.0 is a great example of how great they are as their handles are flexible for those needed swivels.


A tight grip may be needed depending on the tool



Unger squeegees have this convention S-channel chape that gives it a perfect distinction from its competitors.


Examples such as the S-Channel PLUS prove that only a certain amount of pressure can be applied across the whole blade or else risk getting streaks on the glass.



Perfect for swiveling left to right, and it’s useful for even the most awkward of angels. Most of the channels such as their Contour Pro+ prove that it’s corrosion-resistant.


End clips tend to not be included and need to be securely locked for the rubber to stay in place.

Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Driveway and Patio Softwashing in Fife

Driveway and Patio Soft washing in Fife

If you are looking for an effective cleaning solution for your driveway or patio, soft washing could be the answer. In this guide, we’ll explain what soft washing is and outline the benefits it offers over pressure washing. 

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What is soft washing?

If you are looking for a company with expertise in driveway cleaning in Fife, you may be wondering which techniques are most effective. Many people automatically think about pressure washing when searching for solutions for a dirty patio or a driveway that is crying out for a deep clean, but this is not always the best option. Soft washing provides an alternative, which produces incredible results.

Soft washing is a process, which involves using a non-abrasive, low-pressure water stream combined with chemicals, including biocides, to eliminate dirt and debris, target discolouration and remove potentially harmful algae and lichen. Soft washing is a gentler form of driveway and patio cleaning, which helps to preserve pathways and exterior surfaces. 

What does the soft washing process involve?

If you’re interested in soft washing and you are looking for reputable cleaners in Fife, it’s natural to want to know more about the process and how it works. In the most basic terms, soft washing is very similar to pressure and power washing, but there are key differences, which offer benefits for home and business owners. 

The process works as follows:

  • The area is cleaned thoroughly and prepared

  • The solution is prepared by mixing chemicals, including biocide, with water

  • The solution is loaded into the sprayer and applied to the surface

  • The specially-formulated chemical solution works to break up debris and dirt, which are removed by low-pressure water jets

  • The cleaning process is repeated until the driveway or patio is sparkling

What are the benefits of soft washing?

Most people are familiar with pressure washing, but soft washing is less well-known. If you are looking for incredible results when cleaning your driveway or patio, soft washing offers a host of benefits over pressure washing. These include:

  • Enhanced aesthetics

Soft washing enhances the external aesthetics of your home by making patios, pathways and driveways look spotless. The unpredictable weather in the UK can take its toll on roofs, porches, patios and driveways. With regular soft washing, you can keep dirt at bay and ensure your home looks smart and inviting come rain or shine. 

  • Adding kerb appeal

Kerb appeal is one of the most important factors when looking for a new home. If you are selling your house, hiring professional soft washing services can make your house more saleable and even add value. Statistics suggest that almost 70% of buyers consider kerb appeal important, with 59% of adults looking for a well-maintained drive. Research in the US shows that houses with kerb appeal sell for around 7% more (source). 

  • Boosting health

Soft washing is an effective cleaning method for external areas and surfaces, but it can also be beneficial for reducing health risks. Soft washing can remove potentially harmful algae, mould, mildew and lichen. 

  • Prolonging the lifespan of driveways and patios

For most of us, our homes are our most valuable and expensive investment. It is understandable to want to protect and shield your assets, especially if you have spent money on home improvements, such as driveway sealing, laying a new patio or replacing pathways. Soft washing can help you to make your money stretch further by prolonging the lifespan of patios, driveways and other external structures and surfaces. 

  • Preserving external surfaces

One of the main differences between soft washing and pressure washing is the intensity of the cleaning process. Pressure washing can be effective when tackling stubborn debris and staining, but there are risks. Powerful jets of water can cause damage to external surfaces. Soft washing, a gentler form of cleaning, offers the best of both worlds. It tackles dirt, algae and mould while preserving patios and driveways. 

  • Eco-friendly cleaning

At Caledonia Window Cleaning, we use advanced techniques and state of the art equipment to achieve impressive results while also protecting the environment. We are committed to using eco-friendly methods to reduce water consumption and provide cost-effective, safe, green solutions for our customers. 


Soft washing is an effective way to clean patios and driveways. Utilising low-pressure jet streams combined with chemical solutions, soft washing offers deep cleaning benefits while preserving and protecting external surfaces and structures. If you’d like to learn more about soft washing and driveway cleaning in Fife, don’t hesitate to get in touch

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Why use a local Fife pressure washing company

Why to use a local Fife Pressure Washing company


So why should you turn to a local fife pressure washing company? Well, one might first ask themselves what exactly is pressure washing? The idea here is to focus the spray and thus the pressure of water coming out of your equipment. It is released with such force that the water actually pushes away dirt on hard surfaces.

This is a great way to get your cleaning done on some areas of your home. All without having to get on your hands and knees and end up scrubbing down everything piece by piece.

Is pressure washing the same as power washing?

They are very similar in nature, but power washing is actually using heated water when used for cleaning. This allows for it to be used on different surfaces than on pressure washing. These include wooded areas with soil and dirt, to help break it apart. However it can also end up being harsher on some surfaces specifically due to that heat.

What types of areas can I clean with pressure washing?

There are numerous areas of your home exterior that you can use to clean with a pressure washer. You can clean the siding of your home easily, which can be a necessity as the weather in Fife isn’t always agreeable. That weather buildup needs to be cleaned off, and there’s no better way than with a pressure cleaner.

Additionally, you can use this to clean wooden or concrete outdoor patios easily after all the wear and tear it gets from the elements. Whether you notice it or not, those patios are affected by the daily outdoor elements. These can really ruin the aesthetics of your outdoor areas. Eventually, due to these effects, corrosion can start to take place that can easily lead to repairs and expensive replacement costs.

The best way to handle this is to schedule consistently (at least 1-2 times per year) a professional pressure washer locally. This is due to the fact that when that cleaning happens, it will make the wood and concrete look new, as you easily push away all the scum.

You can take it a step further and use it to clean your walkways and driveways. The pressure cleaner just wipes it directly off these areas. You can also get your car cleaned with a pressure cleaner, but make sure to definitely consider an expert for that option. This is because you don’t want to accidentally do it with too much pressure and hit your windows.

Really – anything that is on the exterior of your home is a great candidate to be cleaned by a pressure washer. This can include fences, gutters, and even your outdoor equipment. From your gardening tools to your lawnmower, they can all come up sparkling again!

This sounds great – and a lot of fun! Why would I need to hire a professional?

The first major reason to hire an expert is for the safety factor. This is a potentially dangerous piece of equipment. If used incorrectly it can cause a lot of damage to your home, property, and even to your loved ones.

This water is under such high pressure it is scraping the dirt off of hard surfaces. Imagine that pressure hitting something it shouldn’t, such as skin. You want to make sure that only a professional handles it. This also removes the liability of causing damage off of your shoulder, as you transfer that potential problem to the professional, who usually has a license and has proper training.

Another major benefit of using a professional is that you don’t have to do it yourself. Hiring a professional pressure washer in Fife is not an expensive endeavour. You’re also not needing to hire them more than a couple of times per year unless the weather in the area has been really bad, or you plan on selling your property. Take away the hassle of handling all that heavy equipment and all those moving parts, and hand it over to a trained professional.

A pressure washer is also not a low-cost item, and you don’t want to skimp on the quality of it. This means a professional grade pressure washer can set you back a couple of hundred pounds. Not to mention the maintenance required to keep it operating efficiently. It doesn’t seem worth it to have such a purchase when you can hire a professional to handle it.

Leave it to the Professional

Another reason why you want to hire a professional is that they will do a better job than you will. This is a fact, because of their experience in handling the equipment and knowing how to use it best. You will get a much cleaner home. One which has all of the details checked and scrubbed than if you were to do it yourself. It will also end up taking you longer as you may not understand the most effective way to handle a pressure washer. You also may not know the specific tips on doing the job fast and quick.

So honestly, for such a simple thing that can easily go wrong, avoid the broken windows, the bruised skin, or a home that didn’t have a proper clean. Always consider hiring a professional pressure washer.

Ok – but do I need a Fife pressure washing company at all?

Only if you want your property in good condition. The weather in Fife can be ever-changing and will eventually cause damage to the external parts of your property. From the constant rain pouring on your patio or your gutters clogging up, you will always need a professional pressure washer cleaning.

It will actually help raise the value of your home since you are literally washing away all the dirt. Also the dust and all the natural elements off of your property, keeping it in pristine condition. It doesn’t stop there, but maintains your curbside appeal, by keeping it clutter-free and full of lustre. Another way of raising your property value.

It’s also considered preventative since that’s what cleaning is actually doing for your home. It’s helping to eliminate the possibilities of bigger issues happening to your home, such as a mould explosion. There’s no solution to this with a professional pressure washer cleaning as it requires a much more specialised expert and a much higher cost to fix it. Fife is a haven for mould and mildew with the right temperature and conditions so do keep that in mind.

Make us your go-to Fife pressure washing company

As you can see, giving your exterior home a professional clean with one of our pressure washer cleaning experts, can be a lot more beneficial. It won’t feel like you’re spending a lot of quid where you don’t have to. Take a step back and have some professionals make your home look new again. Prevent outbreaks and discolouration on your home, and have that nice sense of clean feeling after every time you hire us for your services.

We also want to make you feel comfortable and are always there to have a chat about anything related to pressure washer cleaning. All to get you to a point where you’re ready to work with us. As always, we serve primarily in Fife, Scotland, and know exactly what the climate can do for your home. This adds an extra level of expertise to ensure that when we clean your home with a pressure washer, we do it right the first time, and leave you smiling. We’re the only Fife Pressure Washing company you need to take care of your cleaning needs in the most professional manner.



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Exterior Cleaning Services in Fife


Exterior Cleaning services in Fife

Window cleaning

Window Cleaner Fife

One household service most will be familiar with is window cleaning services. For hundreds of years it a familiar sight of a man up a ladder with a bucket of soapy water cleaning windows. But times have moved on and now most have water fed pole systems in their van using purified water.

As professional window cleaners in Dunfermline and across Fife we offer both Traditional and water fed pole at request. We take pride in our work and standards, although I will not claim to be the best window cleaner I'm not far off.

Monthly services for both residential and commercial customers whatever they prefer. With easy Gocardless payments and our guarantee we have quickly developed a good reputation across trades websites such as Checkatrade and Bark so you can rest assured that you will have the best service. To book a window cleaner today just visit our site and after a short quote and sign up your ready to go. Licensed and Insured.

Cladding cleaning service

Our uPVC cleaning service can take away the years of built up grime caused by traffic and bring your home back to looking its best. When cleaning Fascia and soffits there are two methods depending on how dirty the uPVC is.

Our first option is using pure water only. We apply our pure water using a telescopic brush. The combination of brush head and the water being pumped through disrupts the dirt and carries it away leaving bright clean cladding.

On some occasions a cleaning fluid is needed to strip away the traffic film that has built up over the years. For this we start the same as option one but after we have wet the area and removed the top layer we spray the chemicals and leave them for ten to fifteen minutes to let them work. Then we simply brush and rinse.

How to clean uPVC above a conservatory

One of the main advantages of the reach and wash system is its ability to handle jobs that would be difficult or dangerous by ladder. With the extendable poles and spotless water we can easily clean hard to reach areas to our usual high standards without the risk of injury or the use of things like conservatory roof ladders.

Conservatory roof cleaner

Conservatories can be a great addition to your home adding value and somewhere to hide from the weather in Fife. Over time the roof panels can become dirty blocking light and generally not looking great. Over time this can affect your seals and lead to leaks.

Much like our procedures for soffit cleaning the approach to cleaning your conservatory roof comes down to the extent of the build up of grime or moss. Firstly we would use the combination of our water and facelift pole to clean the panels as much as possible before applying chemicals.

To finish we do a double clean on the conservatory windows to rinse away any debris or chemicals from the roof for a perfect finish and another five star review.

Gutter Cleaning

Local gutter cleaning in Dunfermline and across Fife. Depending on access we may use ladders where downpipes are inspected close up and any blockages removed by hand. This also gives the opportunity to carry out any gutter repairs.

As gutter specialists we can carry out most repairs and routine maintenance clearances on residential or commercial properties.

How to clean gutters above a conservatory

Depending on the positioning some gutters can be accessed from either side of the conservatory with an extendible pole which is pulled along the gutter pulling any blockages with it.

Where ladders are not an option we use our gutter vac system, with up to a 40ft reach it can easily remove any blockages leaving sparkling gutters. Contact the gutter guys in fife today for a no obligation quote..

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Gutter Vacuum Systems in Fife

Fife Gutter Cleaning Vacuum Systems

Gutter Vaccum

Commercial Gutter Cleaning Services

As a professional window cleaning service, we are always looking for the most effective way to give our customers the best service while reducing the risk. While the old tried and tested method of going up ladders with a bucket is effective Our Gutter-Vac systems 3600w Predator gives us the tool to carry out. With its powerful motors, it provides the suction to remove even large blockages from gutters and downpipes making it a safe and effective cleaning solution even at high-reach jobs.

The Predator has a side entry cyclonic intake to help boost its suction power and make it one of the leading machines on the market.

What is it?

To put it simply it is a very powerful vacuum cleaner similar to the one you have in your home just around 10x more powerful. It has to be as even a henry hoover wouldn't have the suction to remove large blockages from the downpipe and those things will lift just about anything from experience having children.

The new poles are a lot lighter than previous versions such as the aluminum poles that were very heavy for the user, when at max extension the weight of the poles when using the system at height means you can skip the gym that day. They slot together from end to end to create a seal that helps maintain the vacuum through the poles and to the nozzle and prevents loss of power towards the end of the system.

Where can I buy one?

Now that they are starting to get more and more popular companies and businesses are putting more money into the safety of employees and due to the increase in sales and demand for the machine.

There are now a few different makes and models on the market from different companies with machines able to be used for commercial gutter cleaning or peoples homes. System can be used for either task it just depends on the height of the gutters and how well established the blockages in the gutter or downpipes are. Some jobs require extra power from a larger machine.

Some of the leading providers include Spinaclean and Gutter sucker Direct with a range of machines. Price range from around £500 - £3000 depending on the power of the machine and the model.

Can they clean any gutter?

With poles we can clean gutters up to third story properties from the safety of the ground. With additional poles, you could extend the reach of the system however as we currently have a 40ft pole reach I can't say I would really want to be the person holding it if you were to add more. The onboard filters mean it is suitable to remove both wet and dry debris from properties gutters without affecting the motors and without the requirement to work at height and use ladders making professional cleaning safe and effective.

System limitations

Unfortunately, while it provides a safe and effective method for gutter cleaners to carry out routine maintenance it doesn't solve the issue of leaking gutters one of the very few limitations of the system. Even small repairs like replacing a seal or sealing a leak mean getting hands-on so Gutter repairs and minor adjustments still require a ladder or some other form of raised platform access.

If you are looking for professional, insured, and regulated gutter cleaners in fife why not get in touch for a free no obligation quote?

As Gutter cleaners a professional exterior cleaning service, we are fully insured and experienced in a range of exterior cleaning services and maintenance tasks across Fife including gutter cleaning in fife residential and commercial, fascia cleaning, uPVC gutter systems, cladding, and uPVC cleaning in fife so call gutter guys.

All of our staff are uniformed, licensed by Fife Council, and we have reviews on a number of customer service websites including Bark.comCheckatrade.comTrustpilot to name a few, and not to forget Google so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

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Best methods to remove paint from glass


Window Cleaning in winter

Cleaning your windows in the winter is not only essential to keep your home clean, but it wil also help you attain the most light through th...